How to Try to Have a Baby Without Losing Your Man or Your Mind!

Learn the 5 Keys for a Strong Marriage & Smooth Journey While Trying to Conceive.

Tiffany Jo Baker MA, CLC

Couples Life & Fertility Support Coach

Relationship Expert and 3x Surrogate, I spend my time helping couples birth their dreams.

I'll guide you through 5 Key Strategies for Couples in Life and In-Fertility that will include how to:

  • Navigate through all the overwhelming information and options.
  • Have a fun & fulfilling life while on your fertility journey.
  • Get on the same page, grow closer to your spouse and decrease the stress & strain on your marriage.
  • Not feel alone when everyone else seems to be getting pregnant.
  • Have faith & peace, despite the pain of things not going as planned.



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Invest in yourself and your process! A half hour can do a whole lot of good!

“Tiffany is incredible! Our relationship would not be what it is without her coaching. She helped take our relationship to a new level and gave us applicable tools to learn how to effectively communicate and better understand each other. The way she coaches helped teach us where our gaps were with each other and grew us both to be a better husband and wife with a strong foundation. Her coaching has brought such an unmeasurable value to our lives!” Bry & Amber Sherrill / Newlyweds

"Tiffany has been a great source of wisdom for me and my family. She is not only a great inspiration for all the good she does for others but she also brings fun to tough situations. She is a great choice as a life coach!" ​Shanna Fougerousse / Business Owner

"Tiffany is more than a coach, she belongs to a rare and magical subset of that group – she is a mentor, counselor, life coach and friend wrapped into one. Her servant heart and desire to help others be better are truly what separates her. Tiffany has a way of correcting you in love to where you walk away saying thank you. She lives her life in a way that I chose to follow, she values relationships and her life proves that in how she does marriage, parenting, ministry and friendships. Her heart, education and experience make her a credible force for better. Tiffany is a gift!" Shannon Babcock / Director 

"I’ve had the privilege of doing life and ministry with Tiffany for 15 years. In that time, I have seen her help women and families reach for their dreams with hope and inspiration. Her loving and practical approach to coaching and counseling are paramount in the work that she does. For Tiffany, it is a dream-come-true to help the dreams of others come to pass, and it’s a passion that I’ve only seen grow throughout the years. I would recommend her guidance to anyone!" Amanda Runnels, NTC @unrefinedjunkie